lundi 24 janvier 2011

Sterility VS Fertility

        those tow words are composed of the same second half of the word "ility" . Does this mean that they resemble? One says of course not, because they are totally apposite, they are antonyms. But are they totally apposite? In fact, one is usually part of the other. You can be sterile but completely fertile and vise versa. How? Let me show you how. We human beings have a content and a context. Some people have a sterile content but contextually they are very fertile. Not quiet clear enough? Let me make clear it up to you: in fact, if one is sterile, physically sterile, that means by definition that he is someone who can't produce vital sperm and by concequence he cannot have children , if we further interpret, we conclude that he cannot produce something alive, in other words, he cannot bring something to life. But let me ask you a question, does this person talk?-Yes. Does he speak his thoughts out? -Yes. Does his thoughts seem to be important and impacting? -Yes , you can say that depending on how much thinker he is. Exactly, let's say he is a thinker , someone who philosophyses a lot, someone who develops theories, someone who thinks that mind is an alive organ. So he produces thoughts, ideas, concepts, theories, and that makes him a producer. Let's say his theories are taken by and put into practice. That means , his theories are put into life which leads us to conclude that this person was actually able to produce something alive! So did we fall into paradox, having said that a sterile person is someone who can't bring something to life? Indeed we did. In a nustshell, it's not your sperm that tells if you are sterile or not it is the mind you have and how you use it. Those people are fertile, I'll go further than that calling them "fertilizers" because they spread fertility and ability to produce everywhere and we are benedicted to have such people around.

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