lundi 24 janvier 2011

Sterility VS Fertility

        those tow words are composed of the same second half of the word "ility" . Does this mean that they resemble? One says of course not, because they are totally apposite, they are antonyms. But are they totally apposite? In fact, one is usually part of the other. You can be sterile but completely fertile and vise versa. How? Let me show you how. We human beings have a content and a context. Some people have a sterile content but contextually they are very fertile. Not quiet clear enough? Let me make clear it up to you: in fact, if one is sterile, physically sterile, that means by definition that he is someone who can't produce vital sperm and by concequence he cannot have children , if we further interpret, we conclude that he cannot produce something alive, in other words, he cannot bring something to life. But let me ask you a question, does this person talk?-Yes. Does he speak his thoughts out? -Yes. Does his thoughts seem to be important and impacting? -Yes , you can say that depending on how much thinker he is. Exactly, let's say he is a thinker , someone who philosophyses a lot, someone who develops theories, someone who thinks that mind is an alive organ. So he produces thoughts, ideas, concepts, theories, and that makes him a producer. Let's say his theories are taken by and put into practice. That means , his theories are put into life which leads us to conclude that this person was actually able to produce something alive! So did we fall into paradox, having said that a sterile person is someone who can't bring something to life? Indeed we did. In a nustshell, it's not your sperm that tells if you are sterile or not it is the mind you have and how you use it. Those people are fertile, I'll go further than that calling them "fertilizers" because they spread fertility and ability to produce everywhere and we are benedicted to have such people around.

vendredi 31 décembre 2010

Nhar 3la 3ammar: Rass l'3am :S

pffff wa9tesh toufa 7keyet rass l3am!!! ennes lkolha t'hatri b rass l3am rass l3am!! win besh t3adi rass l3am ? esh besh ta3mel fi rass l3am? m3a shkoun besh t3adi rass l3am? ti chedou ryouss o5ra etlehew biha wsaybou jed weldih l3am rayeshtouh!! en plus fesh 9am hal 9awe9 hedha lkol? mahou ghodwa howa nhar kima nharat lo5rin wala 3la jard noumrou besh yetzed mel teli 7arbin edenya?? kenkom 3a nwemer eli besh tetzed mel teli, barsha, far7anin bihom za3ma ? ennes wekla b3adh'ha 3la une seconde eli besh ta3mel lfar9 za3ma za3ma : la fameuse transition d'un an à un autre! eeeewww hak l3amla lekbira mahou eli besh ybet 3la 7al besh y9oum 3lih. belekshi we7ed ken battal besh y9oum yal9a rou7ou 5adem metrassem woumourou wadh7a wala we7ed 3andou shkoun metlou besh yal9ah 7yé ba3d ras l3am wala ybet yeddou ma9soussa y9oum yal9aha?! ya rien de spécial donc lwesh hak lhadra lekbira wel5ssayer w des gâteaux à 200 dinars wenti tala3 et l'alcool eli 3omrou matshrab yetshrab nharetha? 5aliw l'alcool lemalih lwesh tetfefew 3la bdounetkom? w7ebket rass l3am lezem alcool?? CLICHES!!!ena tbenli la7keya sebla wbarra mta3 we7ed masada9 wela9a forssa (chehya wetnakkes). Donc nssi7a, e7sbouh han nhayer nhar ki nahrat lo5rin wyezzina merri9 ezzeyed!

samedi 25 décembre 2010

Le Deuil de l'Humanité..

Humanity suffers, bleeds, cries in agony ,where is the peace ? Where is the love? there is nothing but agony and cruelty, is it a smell in the air, that makes who smells it gets contaminated? Or is it a god-damn bad fashion that happens back there so it has to happen here? Enough from lies, enough from fake promises, all of our lives, since the Humanity's birth we've been lied to: from where we come from? Who to believe in? Where to go after death? What to do in life in order to get salvation?.. Salvation is only found in Utopia and there is no Utopia on earth! So forget about these fake promises and start giving some truths. Lies, Lies, Lies.. Til when? Til we die? And what if death is a lie too, I'm not sure about anything anymore! We all want some facts. We need facts. You open a news channel in order to get some "facts" and all you see is BULLSHIT! Are you fooling us? and "You" who are you? if we can find this "You"! Like George Carlin has said: "If we can find out who's in charge we could kill him"! I'm a pacifist but i believe if it takes us one fuckin god-damn soul to save the Humanity I would tear it up with my teeth! Hell sure I would! Please and I'm saying Please, We're saying Please: cut this crap and have mercy on us , on this Humanity that it takes no more suffering, it has become the suffering itself! You'll find in new dictionaries the definition of suffering like that: "Suffering is a noun that is equivalent for Humanity. the best example we can afford"!  I know I'm saying this in vain, because nobody would listen, but at least I said something.

Another serendipity

Few shots of Vodka to get her mind to shut up. she was not drunk, but chilled out enough to have fun and not
regret any part of it. In controle of herself  but her heart was the one to judge after having shutting her mind
up . She didn't count how many shots she had taken but she knew that the effect was already working. She smoked a couple of cigarettes and ended up taking some dark chocolate. It was her finest drinking combination. She was so sensuous, even after driking and smoking she still smelled like a fresh Lily perfum. She went out , it was a festival celebrating summer. She was a tourist. it was her first time in that country , in that town , and especially in that bar. Lights were overwhelming the city , fireworks, canonballs, confettis of hundreds of colors or may be she saw them hundreds she could not concentrate on how many colors they were . But she knew she felt happy and her heart was lighter than those confettis flying in the air. Her hair falling on her shoulders was full of those little pieces of confettis.
She was taking them off ,laughing like a little child, when she felt another hand reaching for her hair and taking a piece off. She turned back , she was still, she didn't move for some moments even her hand motion that was reaching for her hair, didn't change. They were the most beautiful eyes she has even seen . May be they are not the most beautiful ones , but she has never looked at eyes before the way she did that night. Eyes had gained another aspect for her since that moment. It wasn't the color nor the shape ,but the way they looked at her. They were the eyes of a man whom his looks overwhelmed her. He looked , stared, devored her with his eyes since he laid eyes on her when she was moving in every direction looking at the sky and feeling the air full of confettis . She was so innocent , so adorable she was Angelic. He asked her to dance without saying a word. Their eyes did the talk , she gave him her hand. They danced so close without moving their eyes from each other . She had never witnessed such harmony in her life. He was totally absorbed by her. His eyes couldn't say anything else. Their hands were tighed together. He turned her , spinned her between his arms while she balanced her hair down and started laughing once again like a child in a wonderland. He was more and more getting closer , he looked at her, he hugged her so tight without saying a word. She paused for a moment the put her head on his shoulder.
They finished dancing in this way and with a slight movement, they found each other exchanging looks full of love, affection , intimacy, desire. It was as if they had known each other for a long time. That night she beleived for the first time what Plato has said thousands of years ago about the "myth" that the love we have for one another is descendant from the fact that we found our half that we've been separated from in an earlier life. That night, she was a myth beleiver because she has never felt such fusion and harmony with someone else before , a stranger! He wasn't a stranger for her. As if she had spent all of her life knowing him even if they didn't say a word. They got closer and closer ad their lips touched. It was the ultiamte moment for them. They stayed still , not moving a glimpse , hands attached, her another hand on his chest , his right hand on her waist. Her mind told her : "what are you doing"? Her heart answered him: "shut up and let her follow the string". He released her , got away from her, she felt like losing him , she got frightened. She knew she was unconditionally in love. He stood a moment , then fell on his knees with his head dangling back and started screaming ! She did the same without knowing why but she did it anyway. He talked , said something that she didn't understand at the begining because she was taken away by the magic of his voice. Then realized that her answer was: "Yes". She didn't even realize she was answering. His words were: "Are you an Angel? Who are you? I know: You are a flowing breeze, a surrounding joy, an ecstasy.. All i know is that I'm taken away by you and I know if  I don't say this now I'll regret it the rest of my life :
Would you be my partner in Life? "
It was more than enough with her eyes full of tears. Oops ! a flash back in time: " They got closer and closer and their lips touched. It was the ultiamte moment for them."  They kissed this time like they have never
kissed before, so passionatly, so eagerly, so joyfully, their kiss was saulty because of their tears from heaven
that were mixing up with their saliva and rain drops that started to fall..Rain fell too! It was summer, but as if rain was celebrating their Love , Nature that braught them together, was celebrating their Love. They were like two evaporated myths. It was a moment in which she hadmade the clumsiest and the wisest decision of her life! But she was sure about one thing, regret was off the page. She believed in him, he believed in her, their religion was LOVE. She  knew that it was meant for her to be at that place at that town at that country at that moment so that she would meet him. It was not destiny , it was a mere concidence a beautiful one, a serendipity, the best serendipity that could ever happen to someone!

vendredi 24 décembre 2010

Je suis en A,B,C,D..

Je rime .
je trace, je place il faut que je le fasse , l'odace de mes jours qui stressent me regardent en face
atroces sont mes jours, moi, férosse, vraie et fausse
lunatique, éclectique , je panique trop et je me pique
j'étouffe, je bouffe mes pensées
frustrée , froide et chaude , filante , folle et frivole
j'aime je haie je jure je mens je tombe je m'enfoue ça rime ou c'est flou
c'est faux , c'est vrai c'est ce que je suis
paradoxale, pleine de questions
tiens toi bon
je me déchirerai de la langue
je me déchiffrerai des lettres de l'alphabet
je joue à l'escrable de ma vie é'ph'émère avec un "f" ou un "ph" je m'en'f'oue
je le cris et je le murmure
avec des lettres je suis et les lettres me suivent..

mercredi 22 décembre 2010

A bit of everything

A bit of everything (un peu de tout) est une dégustation de différents morceaux de la vie, des pensées éparpillées transparentes, claires, frustrées, mixed up.. le plus important c'est qu'elles sont dites. It is said so here we are talking about words. Words stay above every suspicion they are said, written, meant and words can kill or make somone alive, they are very important and every word was born as a thought and actions are descendant of words which makes words vital. So let's give them some credit and why not make this about a parade of words? Confucius has said "You can change your world by changing your words... Remember, death and life are in the power of the tongue." There is no doubt that words are powerful . I propose this toast : "to WORDS"! Cheers!